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Types of Next-Gen Potato Planters You Can Get Today

by Joel

Potatoes are an essential product today as they are used for all the different foods and drinks people consume. However, when you’re enjoying your plate of fries or that shot of potato drink, it’s hard to think about how this significant crop is grown. Planting potatoes is not as easy as sticking one into the ground. It requires a high input level, prompting farmers to use a next-gen potato planter from Alibaba. Planting potatoes manually when you are doing it on a large scale is a complicated and costly process.

Types of next-gen potato planters available

It might sound like a good idea to purchase a potato planter, which is a worthy investment. However, it’s not prudent to quickly go online and buy whatever you see. Several next-gen potato planter types are available, but each has specifications and strengths. Here they are below:

LEFA LF-PT32 one-row potato planter

This potato planter weighs in at 138 kg and is manufactured by LEFA. It is a high-speed 1-row seeding machine with dimensions of 1280 by 1140 by 1500 mm, meaning that it’s straightforward to handle on the farm. This planter is famed for its high accuracy and speed and can increase productivity by at least 20 percent. This potato planter is ideal for small farms. If you value output in your small piece of land, go for this machine.

YL two-row automated potato planter

This two-row potato planter from YL is an automated two-row planting machine that measures 125cm by 50com by 80 cm. This diesel-powered machine is capable of 6.5 horsepower and can quickly work on half an acre an hour. The planter can also plant halved or whole potatoes straight or zigzag to increase productivity. Many farmers prefer this planter because it can handle large scale planting effortlessly, provided it is well maintained. It is a good option for those with extensive farms.

Bada high-precision potato planter

If you have a large planting area and need a machine to hook up to your tractor, then the Bada high-precision potato planter is for you. This next-gen potato planter can plant up to four rows of seeds. You can get this planter with 20 to 90 horsepower and weighs 430kg. This potato planter is ideal for farmers with large tracts of land who want to maximize planting and production without spending a lot of money.

XK 2CM-2 two-row potato planter

This potato planter does not have an engine and is mounted to a tractor. However, don’t let the lack of an engine trick you into thinking it can’t get the job done. This planter is capable of planting two rows of seeds at a go. This next-gen potato planter is ideal for small and medium farms.


There’s no denying that a next-gen potato planter comes in handy for farmers when planting potatoes. However, knowing which machine is best for your farm is essential. Additionally, you need to consider your budget before searching for one. However, the potato planters listed above are available at Alibaba, selling at very affordable prices.

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